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ARMA2 DayZ Mods on-line free2play (Full Package) F.A.B.I.S. REPACK 2

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ARMA2 DayZ Mods on-line free2play (Full Package) F.A.B.I.S. REPACK 2
2012 | PC | Language: Multi | Developer: Bohemia Interactive Studios | Publisher: Sania | 15GB
Genre: Action (Shooter), 3D, 1st Person, ONLINE

Dayz - a modification to the one game Arma 2 Combined Operation (this Arma 2 + Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead). Itself modification yavlyaetya free and completely changes the atmosphere is known to many Arma 2. Playing with this modification please fans of the series of games STALKER, Fallout 3, etc. But do not forget that this modification is under Alpha development, and all sorts of bugs in it can not be excluded.

The game lacks any story. Multiplayer game almost completely. The player character, which has a sole purpose - to survive the zombie appokalipsisa.
Now, let's examine the game poprodrobnee:
Welcome to Chernarus! 225 square kilometers of open post-Soviet space - one of the areas of the dangerous world, absorbed by a virus, which destroyed most of the world's population.
You - one of the few who managed to survive, and now you have to explore the remains of the dead of the world in search of supplies and food, so you will not suffer the same fate.
Be a loner, pick a team, or throw a challenge to all who stand in your way - it's up to you which way you go in this harsh world devastated. It's - DayZ, and this - your story!

Game features:
Realistic animation of "zombie" - these once human beings behave as though they have increased the sense of smell and hearing, but deteriorated vision! With great animation, made by motion capture, they will chase you around the wastelands. Well, or to tear you to pieces - if catch up.
When you dare to approach any building, you can see yourself, how gracefully they wander in search of another victim.
New weapons and equipment! - Does you ever felt that you need ... crossbow? Well, or some other cool gun? If your answer is "yes", then this mod - a find for you!
Finally you will be able to realize his dream - to charge an arrow between the eyes neighbor, who could not be turned into a zombie by the way! Well, or shoot it from my grandfather berdanki. And by the way: because you can remove the arrow from a neighbor, and use it again! For example, to kill his zombified wife.
Well, after a neighbor will understand - you can take a ride in his car! Unless, of course, fix it and refill it.
Enhanced damage - magical possibilities ARMA II in medicine in the past: now serious. If you were in (eg, bolt) - you can bleed until perevyazheshsya.
Lost a lot of blood? Lie down and rest without consciousness while your bag searches neighbor. Broken or dislocated leg? Puncture morphine, otherwise, you can not get away from the guys who are going to eat you.
Pain - another factor that makes you shiver with delight, while not accept painkillers. Medicine - it's cool!
Server Rack - tired of the fact that your effort and time lost due to the fall of the next server? Well, with such stories DayZ not pass - because all your data is stored in our database. So you start with exactly the point, where he finished the last time, on any server. However, for us you have stashed a few other stories, but you know about them another time.
This means that you can spend plenty of time to pump your character, until one night you will not.
Tons of new facilities - we do not just have added a lot of new weapons, but also generously sketched details of the new world, such as canned food, cans of soda, well, or spare parts for cars (they did a ton!)
Each object has its own model, texture, and an icon in the interface. No, well, really - because you thought that we represent canned beans in a handful of characters? We could not disappoint you.
Hunting and survival - search of food and water - the basis of the local gameplay, because without food and water, life is very dull and transient. Our user interface will prompt you when you need something from this. And if you can get water in many reservoirs Chernarus, you have to chase for food, in all senses of the word.
You can kill wild animals and produce meat with them, if you find the right tool for this. More food - more blood - healthier body! Now all these hares and wild boars really useful!
Deep optimization - DayZ server designed with the expectation that would give you a better world for survival possible. New code and edit your old settings allowed to create an uninterrupted supply of zombies for your entertainment: on one server can easily fit up to 1000 (and more!) Zombies at once.
Anyone with ping from 10 to 300 will feel great in such company, on any server of our fashion, by skillful stabilization bandwidth servers! And much more! - You think that's it? Far from it, but the only way to find out - to survive!

repack repack 2 from 1
- Updated content (the main game patch version 1.62, version betapatcha accurate at the time of release of 99,806)
- Added mode (see the composition repack)
- Added the original updated launcher FABIS

Installation and startup:
The composition repack includes:
- Original updated launcher FABIS DayZ
- ARMA 2 patch 1.62
- ARMA 2 OA patch 1.62
- Betapach 99,806
- DayZ mod (Vicki, Video)
- DayZ mod Single player (based on version fashion)
- DayZ Lingor Island mod 1.2 (Wikis, Video)
- DayZ Takistan mod 1.6 (Wikis, Video)
- DayZ Panthera mod 1.7 (Wikis, Video)
- DayZ Namalsk mod 0.6 (Info, Video)
- DayZ Fallujah mod 1.4 (Wikis, Video)
- DayZ Taviana mod (Article, Video)

Features F.A.B.I.S. Launcher:
- In contrast to the first repake launcher, this launcher rocks updates not only for fashion and DayZ beta-pachtey but other mods included in the repack and will rock for those that were not included in the repack, but will be added to the list of supported mods.
- In contrast to the first repake launcher, this launcher shakes upgrade from official sources. Thus, our servers are not the source of updates, and a coordinator.
- This repack can download updates of mods, even those that are not relevant to our server, which will not play on servers FABIS
- The launcher has a convenient notification of updates. And in the update pop-up menus are always chosen for the current version of our server mods.
- The launcher automatically enter a registration key, which would avoid the previously common errors Bad Serial number given in setup.
- Launcher allows roizvodit rezrvnoe up to the next key registry branch that will protect your key when you reinstall. Even if you reinstall Windows, you can always find your key in the game folder in the document keylog.txt
- If for some reason lost the path in the registry, which is needed to properly install mods and betapatchey, the launcher will automatically prompt you to enter it into the registry on the first detection of the problem.
- The launcher allows you to quickly connect to servers FABIS, filling only the form of the launcher (no settings within the game), you simply select the mode, server, user name and press the "Start"
- Launcher allows to customize the startup and optmizirovat game.
- In launechere there are additional options for viewing interactive maps, participate in chat, view monitoring game servers FABIS, viewing your own loot. As well as news, fast connection to the voice server, etc.
- The launcher will allow you to automatically log in access FABIS Details of the system access (bind a key to "iron") is described here
Attention! Data about the hardware of your computer in the form of Encrypted transmitted to the access server FABIS when you start the game through the launcher button "Launch" is checked "Log on servers FABIS" in Settings-authorization. If you deselect this option, your data will not be transmitted to the access server FABIS, but, in that case, you can not get to the game servers FABIS

Install and run the game:
! Attention! If you have a Repack 1 and you play on a server FABIS, be sure to save the game or switch Manual Copies the CD-KEY from the window of the launcher "Keys" or on the "Save Key" in the same window. Despite the fact that the key when reinstalling should not be removed, it is necessary to take care of his safety. Using a new key, you can not get to our servers.
1) Install the game using the installer. In view of the large size of installation files, the time between clicking on the installer and the advent of the graphical window, it may take up to a minute of time. It is not necessary to click a few times again.
2) After installation, store an option "to launch the application" or run FABIS Launcher with a shortcut on your desktop (or from the folder with the game). When you first start Launcher propose to generate and install a key automatically. If you do not use your personal license key game ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead, then confirm the automatic insertion of the key.
3) If you intend to use your personal license key game ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead (including stored key Repack 1), give up the automatic input key. Run from the Start menu (from your Arma2 DayZ FABIS Repack 2) labeled "Install a license key" and enter your key. Completed Set entirely agreeing to overwrite the game files.
4) If you are going to play on servers FABIS, select the mod in the launcher, pull-down menu, select the server, be sure to enter the name of a character in Roman letters with no spaces. Cyrillic characters in nicknames are prohibited on our servers.
If you got kicked from our servers, please read the information on the link carefully.

System requirements:
Pre-installed Microsoft NET Framework 4 (Ask before installing), C + + Redistributable Package 2008, 2010 (set to silent mode for 2-3 minutes), DirectX 9.0c
System requirements:
> Operating System: XP / Vista / Windows 7;
> Processor: Intel Dual-Core processor with a clock speed of 2.4 GHz / AMD Dual-Core Athlon processor with a clock frequency of 2.5 GHz;
> Memory: 1 GB of RAM;
> Video: Video Card NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT/ATI Radeon 3650 or better with 512 MB ​​of video memory with support for Shader Model 3;;
> Sound card: 16-bit sound card compatible with DirectX 9.0c
> Free space on hard drive: 12 GB GB





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