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Game Copy Protections Tools

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#1 CineDOG


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Elküldve: 2006 június 19 - 09:40

1. AntiBlah v1.0 All
2. AntiSecuROM
3. BetaBlocker
4. CD-Cops
5. Protection ID
6. SafeDisc v2.05
7. SafeDisc 4 Hider
8. SecuROM 7 Burner Loader
9. SecuROM Loader
10. Starforce Nightmare
11. SR7 Stop v1.2
12. SR7 Stop v1.0
13. SFAnti File System Blocker
14. Starfuck v0.83 Beta
15. Tetris cpl-v1.1
16. Alcoholer v4.1
17. A-Ray Scanner
18. BW Tweaker v1.5.6
19. CD Manipulator
20. BruteForce Cdilla
21. CD-Cops Decrypter v2.1
22. Clony XXL
23. CureROM v130b
24. Imhotep Clone
25. ISO Directory v0.5
26. MiR
27. PlayBackUp
28. SFCure
29. SF Cleaner
30. UnStoppable Copier

Download: [hide]

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#2 CineDOG


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Elküldve: 2006 július 03 - 08:24

AIO CD/DVD-Game Copy Protection

You can use to manipulate the games protection and allow for a working
backup copy of your game, keeping the original CD safe from damage.

Emulator & Cloner:

Alcohol 120% v1.9.5.3105
Alcoholer 4.1
Anti-Blaxx 1.17
BlindRead 2.03
BlindWrite 5.2.10
BlindWrite Tweaker 1.5.6
BWA Edit 1.0
CD Image Converter 1.10
CD-Cops Decrypter 2.1
CDMage 1.02.1
Daemon Tools 3.47
Daemon Tools 4.00
Daemon Tools 4.00 x64
Insektors 3.0
ISO Directory 0.5
PlayBackup 2.1
Un-CD Check 1.0
Virtual CloneDrive

PoxyLok 1.3b


SafeDisc 1-1 CD-Copy Instructions

SafeDisc Executable UnWrappers:
Brute Force Cdilla Decrypter 1.01 Beta
C.u.Dilla R1 Final
C.u.Dilla R2
ICD Extractor 1.1
SafeDisc 2 Cleaner v1.2.0
unSafeDisc 2.40.10
UnSafeDiscX 1.4.3
unSafeShit 2.51

SafeDisc Information:
DESMiTiFiCANDO SafeDisc v2
El Crepsculo de Safedisc
How to Use unSafeDisc v2_xx_xx
SafeDisc v2 Info

SafeDisc Resident Patch:
Arthur's Generic SafeDisk Emulator 1.0
Laxity SafeDisc Patch 3.1
VeNoM386 Generic Safedisc Emulator 5.2

SafeDisc Tools:
BetaBlocker 1.0
BetaBlocker 1.01
DumpPlayerx 1.0
Imhotep Clone 0.8
Mini-Image Ripper (MiR) 1.0
SafeDisc 4 Blocker v1.0
SafeDisc 4 Hider v1.0 Eng
Safedisc Analyser 3.4
SDCheck 1.02


SecuROM 1-1 CD-Copy Instructions

SecuROM Executable UnWrappers:
SecuRom 7 Burner Loader v1.0
UnSecuROM 1.0
UnSecuromNT 1.0

SecuROM Patch Files:
SecuROM Patch 6.0
SecuromID 2
TwinPeak 0.2

SecuROM Tools:
AntiBlah 1.0
SR7.Stop 1.0
Virtual CD Hide


StarForce Anti File System Blocker
StarForce Drivers Removal Tool 1.0
StarForce Nightmare 1.12
StarForce Protection Cleanup
StarFuck Tools 0.83
StarFucker 0.82 Beta - Full Version
StarFucker 0.83 Beta


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#3 CineDOG


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Elküldve: 2006 szeptember 30 - 23:57

The Latest CureROM package

An advanced circumventing tool for all known copy protections. Works on all the current games, except for the minority of StarForce games

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Game Extractor v1.5506 (2.33 MB)

Game Extractor is an advanced archive tool developed primarily to
open and manipulate game archives. Game archives are typically
proprietary formats developed by the gaming companies, and they often
change between different games. Game Extractor, with the assistance of
plugins, has the ability to read and manipulate many of these game
archives that were previously unreadable, including archives from different
gaming platforms such as PC, XBox, and Playstation.

Game Extractor was built to allow users to work with archives in the
simplest manner possible, while still including many advanced features
that are not found in other archive readers. One great advantage of the
program is that it will work on all computers regardless of the operating
system. This means that Windows, Linux, and Mac O/S users will all be
able to use the program and share files between the systems with full

Another important feature is the use of plugins. Until now, you needed to
download a whole new program when a new archive type was developed.

With Game Extractor, all you need to do is download a small plugin which
works together with the program to allow access to these new archives.

The plugin system has been developed to be specifically simple, allowing
almost anyone to develop a new plugin without great programming

Game Extractor works just like any standard archive viewer. You have the
ability to open archives of various types, add and remove files, and save
your archives for use. You can also extract the files from the archives to
your computer for editing and viewing, or you can use the in built
previewer for quick access. Previews can be saved in a variety of formats
the conversion done by Game Extractor.

In addition to the basic functions, Game Extractor provides many
convenient functions such as renaming and replacing files, searching for
files, and customisation of the interface. Buttons can be added and
removed from the toolbar, and both error and message alerts can be
suppressed so they never bother you again. Game Extractor also has an
autorun program to make it easy for Windows users to run Game

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#4 Tarkovskij



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Elküldve: 2009 május 12 - 09:17

Köszönöm szépen! :)

#5 dlb



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Elküldve: 2010 április 14 - 16:54


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Elküldve: 2011 február 05 - 20:52


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